Video: 2010’s Seeping Smoke Cauldron

Mr. Jingles’ Halloween Haunts is now on YouTube too!  Just to see how things work, I’ve uploaded a short clip from last year.  The video is of a test we ran on the Seeping Smoke Cauldron.

A fog machine, of course, supplied the smoke through a hole in the bottom.  A small set of green Christmas lights created the spooky green light.  And, to cause the smoke to “seep” rather than rise up out of control, a circular piece of clear plastic was fitted into the top of the cauldron.

I can’t tell you how many people reached over the graveyard fence and tried to stick their hands inside!  The effect is quite stunning when the cauldron is placed on a pile of glowing coals.

Mr. Jingles

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One thought on “Video: 2010’s Seeping Smoke Cauldron

  1. Anonymous

    Fabulous work on everything.Must have taken allot of effort.

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