2010’s Hot Burning Coals

Smoking cauldrons look great, but they’re even more convincing when they’re sitting on top of a pile of hot burning coals.  Since actually placing live coals in the middle of our Haunt wasn’t an option, we created a cold alternative for a hot effect.

The prop was made using a clear square of plastic, a small string of Christmas lights (LED bulbs), expanding spray foam, and black spray paint.  The lights were jumbled together on top of the plastic and then covered with the foam.  After the foam fully expanded and dried, everything was covered in a light dusting of black paint.

For the 2011 Haunt, the Hot Burning Coals and Seeping Smoke Cauldron are going to be combined with “Bob” the Cauldron Creep who will be the anchor of our graveyard.  Only 158 days left until Halloween!

Mr. Jingles

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