Video: 2010’s Flying Crank Ghost

“I will hug him and squeeze him and love him and pet him, and I will call him George,”  said Bugs Bunny in an old cartoon.  Well, I don’t know about the loving and squeezing part, but this next prop is actually named “George”.

George is what is known as a Flying Crank Ghost.  He is suspended from the porch ceiling using fishing line that has been run through eye hooks and attached to an arm on a small motor.  As the motor turns, his hands and his head rise and fall, making him appear to be a floating spirit.  To enhance the effect, his cheese cloth clothing has been dyed so that it reacts to a black light.

George was the centerpiece of last year’s Haunt and he was one of the first props to be installed in early October.  On his debut night, it was fun to watch all of the cars slow down as they came around our corner, drivers pausing to take a closer look.  We live on a bit of a blind turn, and we were afraid we might cause an accident!

Just for fun I’ve included a clip of our “day test” which gives you a good look at how the mechanism works.  You also get a rare peek at the Jingles Crew.

Mr. Jingles

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