Getting in the Mood for Halloween

I must  confess that after being very excited about this year’s Haunt, my enthusiasm was fading last week.  Maybe it had something to do with the weather.  As much as I like being warm, triple-digit temperatures will put a damper on anyone’s mood.  Still, with just over 125 days left until Halloween, and several props left to build.  I needed to do something to raise my spirits.  My solution:  Halloween entertainment.

To start off, I stuck The Nightmare Before Christmas in my car’s DVD player.  Now, wherever the kids and I go, I’m treated to the movie’s soundtrack.  Jack may have been preparing for Christmas, but the song This is Halloween always gets me ready for Halloween.

Then, I set up a Halloween-themed live wallpaper on my phone.  There are several in the Droid Market to choose from, but the Halloween Live Wallpaper II from Wolf Labs is my favorite.  It may put a bit of a drain on my battery, but I like watching the bats fly around the haunted house.

Finally, I got down the box of old Halloween costumes and set it out for the kids to play with.  Nothing like having a pair of goblins, witches, and/or ghosts running around the house to make you feel like Halloween is near.  I even pulled on a cape and did my best vampire impression for their entertainment.

Now, a few days into this “Halloween Therapy,” I’m feeling much better, and I’m ready to get back into prop building.  I’ve even been feeling creative, and I think I have come up with a new, easy-to-build, prop that will knock your socks off.  Sorry, no sneak peeks yet.  Still working out the details.

Black Widow

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One thought on “Getting in the Mood for Halloween

  1. Kitty

    Love it! Getting in the acting mood. We look forward to the next installment…

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