Building a Toe-Pincher Coffin


Last night we built a new toe-pincher coffin to go in the graveyard of this year’s haunt.  We followed directions from Scare FX ( but had to make several modifications to get everything to fit correctly.

The best part of the build is that it cost next to nothing. The screws were new, but the boards came from an old fence we had replaced last month.  The boards already had that “weathered” look without any extra work!  Now we just have to agree on the best staging for the prop.

The countdown to Halloween continues….

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4 thoughts on “Building a Toe-Pincher Coffin

  1. Ooo, love these. Not sure how I’m going to fit everything I want to do into the next two months!

    • BlackWidow

      Less than two weeks left! How is your haunt doing?

      • thomas

        Hey Blackwidow, what modifications did you have to make? I was going to use the same plans.

  2. Thomas, we were using old warped boards from a torn down fence for the coffin, so a number of the pieces had to be cut to fit. I started with the pattern, but then adjusted as needed.

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