Dear, We’ve Created a Monster!


For many years my husband and I have enjoyed decorating our house for Halloween.  Over time our collection of props has grown, and now we host a full-fledged Yard Haunt.  During this time, our children have shared in the fun, and each of them has developed their own love of Halloween.  What I didn’t realize until today was just how far their interest had gone.

Walking out through the garage on the way to school this morning, our seven-year-old spotted an old toy kitchen in a pile to be donated.  She paused, looked it up and down, and said “Mom, we could turn that into a vampire kitchen.”  When I asked her what she meant, she responded, “You know, a kitchen for vampires,” she paused again, “but we’ll need a lot of blood.”  Then, with a smile, she hopped in the car.

After laughing to myself, I had to wonder what a stranger overhearing this conversation might think.  Would they be shocked?  Would they worry about what goes on in our house?  Would we get a visit from Child Protective Services?  Hopefully if something like that ever happened, those of you in the Halloween community would come to our defense.  After all, there’s nothing wrong with being a little spooky, especially if it is done in the pursuit of fun.

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