Walmart Has a New Fog Machine


Halloween is coming to more and more stores, so we were’t really surprised when we saw the seasonal display going up at Walmart today.  One thing in the display, however, did catch our attention.  After years of selling a basic fog machine for $20, Walmart has changed the design and increased the price.  This year’s version now comes with a remote control and costs $25.

For anyone who has had to deal with a wired control on a fog machine, this is a welcome addition.  Now it is possible to slip the remote into a costume pocket and use it to send out a puff of smoke when a trick-or-treater comes by.  Although wireless controls for fog machines aren’t new, this is the first time we have seen one included in such a reasonably priced package. 

Personally, I am looking forward to filling it with fog juice and testing it out!

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4 thoughts on “Walmart Has a New Fog Machine

  1. Kitty

    Now if the breeze will just cooperate and send the fog in the correct direction through the graveyard…

  2. hahaha, My children will gona afraid with this one: thanks for sharing 🙂

    • BlackWidow

      Don’t fear the fog, fear what’s hiding inside of the fog… *insert sinister laugh here*

  3. the man

    I have the exact same model. It leaks pretty bad but I can’t get the cover off. After unscrewing the base I found that the wires from the infrared sensor keeps me from taking off the cover. Any help?

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