Cauldron Creep Fog Chiller Test

Today was a very exciting day!  This afternoon we got to test out our new fog chiller for the very first time.  For those of you who may not know, a fog chiller is used to cool the fog coming out of a fog machine so that it hugs the ground rather than filling the air and creating a cloud.  Some expensive fog machines come with this as a built-in feature.  In our case we went with the cheap alternative: a plastic tube and a bag of ice.

Shown above is the very first test of the chiller.  The fog machine, which is positioned behind the cauldron, is shooting fog into a piece of plastic tube.  The tube enters the cauldron through a hole at the bottom.  The cauldron is filled with ice.  As the fog filters through the ice it is cooled, causing it to “spill” over the edge of the cauldron.

In our initial test, we made a mistake, and positioned the outside end of the tube too close to the fog machine.  This restricted airflow and the output of fog.  It also caused much of the fog to condense inside the tube and simply drip away.  By the time we realized the error, most of the ice had melted.  Our final test, shown below, is a good example of how a fog machine works without a chiller.

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