Setting Up the Haunt’s Cave Eyes

A dozen pairs of blinking cave eyes have now taken their place in the windows on the front porch.  Last year this prop was set up in the second story windows, but this year we decided to bring it down into the main haunt area where it is easier to see.  The video above shows the eyes that are positioned next to Wally, the skeleton in the toe-pincher coffin.

This components for this prop were purchased at Cowlacious Designs, a computer and electronics shop that specializes in Halloween items.  The rig consists of a circuit board, a wiring harness, and a batch of LED bulbs.  The prop is programmable, with several start-up, speed, and blink patterns, so it can be customized to the individual haunt.  Our eyes are simply set on random blink.

Although this prop isn’t as eye-catching (pardon the pun) as some of our others, sometimes it’s the small details that really complete a haunt.

Fourteen days until Halloween!  Next Step: Adding a motor to a coffin…

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One thought on “Setting Up the Haunt’s Cave Eyes

  1. Anonymous

    Ssooooo cool!!!

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