An Exciting Week for the Mr. Jingles Website!

It’s just a few weeks after Christmas and, surprisingly, it has been an exciting week on the Mr. Jingles website.  Last week, we got a notice that Spirit Halloween is now following our feed on Twitter.  How cool is that!  Also, we got a notice that someone else has subscribed to the blog to get direct updates.  For a website with just a few followers, this is great news!

I know things have been slow here since we packed up the Halloween decorations, but rest assured that this site has not been forgotten.  Bob the Cauldron Creep is still keeping a watchful eye over things in the garage and reminding us that there are less than ten months until the next Halloween.  We have plans for new props and we will share our progress with you.

Anyway, if you want to keep up with the latest news from the Jingles Crew, you can subscribe to follow us on Twitter (@MrJinglesHH) or you can subscribe to the blog directly.  And, if you really like something we post, you can share it on Twitter or on Facebook.  Just look for the buttons under each post.

Until next time, stay spooky!

–Black Widow

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One thought on “An Exciting Week for the Mr. Jingles Website!

  1. Kitty

    Mr. Jingles’ Halloween 2011 was fantastic. Having had a taste of the 2012 plans there is no way I won’t be there to experience the event again and again!

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