Nearly Summer… Time for Prop Shopping!

It’s nearly summer, which means it’s time for the Jingles Crew to get to work planning the new props we will use in the next Haunt.  Over the years we’ve discovered that shopping in the off-season (not around Halloween) can be the best time for finding unique items.  Anyone can buy dancing witch and stick it on their front porch.  It’s the true haunter who can take regular items and make them spooky.

Just yesterday while passing through the garden section at Walmart we spotted a fantastic lantern that had to come home with us.  The lantern we found is manufactured by Westinghouse and costs $11.99.  It’s about a foot tall and has a flickering LED pillar candle inside.  It can either stand on a table or be hung from a hook.  We were so impressed with it once we got it out of the box that we  went back to the store and picked up another one.

The lantern looks great in the back yard, but we think it is going to look even better in the front yard, being held by a corpsed grave-digger.  That’s right, it’s time to hit this baby with some fake spider-webs, rub it with some dirt, and perhaps splash it with some fake blood.  After-all, things can get pretty messy in our grave yard…

One of the most exciting features of this lantern, aside from the fact that it comes with batteries, is the that it has a very simple timer.  Set the candle to “timer” and it will stay lit for five hours.  Then, 24 hours from the time you turned it on, it will automatically turn itself back on and run for another four hours.  You can hang it up, turn it on, and forget about it!

UPDATE:  We had a question over on Halloween Forum asking for the item number of the lantern, so here it is:  Item: W704001-08W  UPC: 5623391400.  And, here’s a picture of what it looks like still boxed up.

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