A Closer Look at “Carry” the Skeleton

Those of you who took a look at the pictures from our 2011 Haunt may have noticed a skeleton in a coffin sitting on our front porch.  This skeleton, known as Carry, got a brief mention in one of our build posts, but he really didn’t get all of the attention he deserves.

Carry, named such because he was being carried around in his coffin, was paired with the smaller of the two toe-pincher coffins we built last year.  With the skeleton and the coffin both being about five feet tall, it was a perfect fit.  Originally we were going to make this an animated prop, with a thumping lid, but the lid proved to be too heavy for the motor, so we moved on to Plan B.

We stood the coffin up on its end, drilled a few holes in the back, and zip-tied the skeleton into place.  Carry was fitted with two glowing red eyes, using the same method we used on the Cauldron Creep.  Then, he got a blinking heart, thanks to one of the bottles in the Witch’s Ingredients Bottles from Spirit Halloween.  We simply yanked the heart from the bottle and hung it in the rib cage with wire.  Finally, we hit the entire prop with accent lighting from a few home-made LED spot lights (a How To coming soon).

The picture above is a shot of how Carry looked in the daylight last year.  As you’ll see in the next post, Carry and his coffin are in the process of a make-over to prepare them for this year.

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