Carry the Skeleton and His New Wheels

This year we have decided to move Carry from his position on the front porch to a featured spot inside one of our large garage windows.  To do this, we mounted his coffin on a rolling platform identical to the one we created for Bob last year (instructions to come as soon as I can find the pictures).

As you can see from the pictures below (click to enlarge), we had to zip-tie Carry into place to make him stand in the coffin.  Then, we used a series of large L-brackets to secure the coffin to the platform.  Brackets were also used to secure the coffin lid to the platform and to the coffin itself.  Only one of the angles was a perfect 90 degrees, so the rest had to be bent/muscled into position.

The final bracket, the one fastening the lid to the coffin, proved to be tricky.  The drill wouldn’t fit into the space, so instead of using screws, we came at the holes from the opposite side using a pair of bolts and nuts.  The exposed bolt heads, as well as any exposed brackets, will eventually be covered up as the prop is dressed for Halloween with pumpkins, candles, and more.

The next step is to dig up Carry’s LED accent lighting from last year and mount the spots somewhere in the coffin.  Then, we’ll hit the entire prop with a layer of spider webs, either from our Web-Caster, or from a home-built design we have been eyeing.  Either way, those are posts for another day.

Happy Haunting everyone!


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