Building Snoopy’s Doghouse


While watching A Charlie Brown Christmas last month, Mr. Jingles was hit with inspiration.  Apparently the one thing our Christmas decorations are missing is a life-size Snoopy doghouse.  So, using scrap wood left over from Halloween, he set out to build one.  As you can see, it is still in the early stages.  As they say, anything you don’t finish for this year is an early start on next year.

The idea is to paint one side blue so we can decorate it for Christmas, matching the way it looked in the movie.  Then, we can paint the other side red to use it for other holidays.  Now we have something to match our collection of Peanuts holiday flags!  Stay tuned for more updates on this latest project.

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One thought on “Building Snoopy’s Doghouse

  1. Anonymous

    Did you finish the doghouse and if so post a pic of it. And I thought I had an original idea. I was planning on building one for next christmas.

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