2014 Props

The Mr. Jingles Crew is Back!


After taking a year or so off to focus on the living, so to speak, the Mr. Jingles crew is back!  We’ve re-registered our domain name, so www.MrJinglesHH.com works now, and we are ready to go!  To kick things off we’ve picked up a new “Wally” to do things to this year.

This year, our local Walgreens didn’t stock the wonderful skeletons we used and abused in past seasons, so we turned our attention to Wal-Mart.  The version for sale at Wal-Mart seems to be based on the same mold as the other Wallies, but this version is “poseable.”  Well, it has gear type connections in the joints that kind of make them stay in one position.  We’ll have to fire up the camera and do a complete write-up on it a bit later.

Mr. Jingles wanted me to let everyone know that we are working on a very special project for this year, a Pumpkin Arch.  The inspiration comes from several he has seen on the internet in past months, and he wants to make his own version.  We may need to use more of the specially wired tea lights we wrote about previously so we don’t have to change out the batteries every night.

Looking forward to spending some time with our fans.  Happy Haunting, everyone!

Black Widow

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