Mr. Jingles AvatarMr. Jingles is moving!  Well, the site is, kind of.

Those of you who have been accessing the website through our “premium” URL, http://www.MrJinglesHH.com, are going to notice a difference at the end of this month.  This year we have decided to NOT renew the custom URL.  We’d rather spend that money on making cool props for this year’s Haunt.  We figure most of you are finding us through Google or the Halloween Forum anyway, so why waste the money.

If you want to be able to find the Mr. Jingles site over the summer, update your bookmarks now to our “old” address:  https://mrjingleshalloweenhaunts.wordpress.com/

Happy Haunting, Everyone!

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Mrs. Jingles (Black Widow) Joins the Crew

As much fun as Mr. Jingles has been having with the blog, it’s time for him to step aside and let the real web master get in here and take a turn.  Well… perhaps that’s not exactly how things happened…

Maybe it was more like him saying, “Can’t you get a profile of your own instead of posting under my name?”  Whatever the reason,  I’m here now, and I am looking forward to interacting with you all here on the blog.

Mrs. Jingles (aka, the Black Widow)

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Hellooo… We Know You’re Out There…

The Mr. Jingles’ blog is now two weeks old!  Based on the site stats WordPress and YouTube are showing us, we know that we have readers and viewers, but so far no comments or messages!  Hellooo…  We know you’re out there…

Send us a message, drop us a line, or just say “hi”.  If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear them.  Your input could help us with future site development.

Mr. Jingles

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Mr. Jingles Has a New Address!

As of this evening, Mr. Jingles Halloween Haunts has a new address!   Don’t worry, we’re not moving to a new house.  This change is internet-related only.

The blog is still hosted at WordPress, but we have upgraded, and it is no longer necessary to type in that huge address to pay us a visit.

From now on, just type


and you will be automatically directed to our site.  Hooray!

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Mr. Jingles’ Halloween Haunts

This is the future home of Mr. Jingles’ Halloween Haunts.

Mr. Jingles

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