How To: Creep Stirring

This page is “Part Three” of the Cauldron Creep build, explaining how to make the stirring stick move.

The Supplies

Cauldron Movement

The movement of the arm stirring the cauldron is a bit of an illusion.  The movement does not come from the Creep.  Instead, it comes from a motor mounted inside of the cauldron.  The bottom of the stirring stick is attached to the motor, and as the stick moves, so does the arm…


Thanks must be given to both Kammo’s Lair and The Devil’s Workshop for their detailed instructions on how they built their Creeps.  And more thanks to All Electronics and Monster Guts for always having the parts we need!


2 thoughts on “How To: Creep Stirring

  1. Marta Scar

    It appears the instructions for the Creep stirring is missing. Will you be reposting? thanks

  2. Verlassen Sie sich Sachen Bekanntschaften nicht auf den Zufall, denn der lässt mitunter recht lange auf sich warten.

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