How To: Smoke Cauldron

Seeping Smoke Cauldron

There’s nothing new about the idea of attaching a fog machine to a cauldron to make it smoke, but there are a few extra steps you can take when putting your cauldron together that will make the effect even better.

The Supplies 

You’ll need one standard fog machine (including fog juice), one plastic cauldron, one six inch long (or longer) piece of 1 ½ inch PVC tube, one set of 300 green or orange Christmas lights (LED bulbs), one piece of plexiglass or other clear plastic large enough to cover the top of your cauldron, one roll of fishing line.

The Build

Using the top of your cauldron, trace a circle on the plexiglass.  Then, draw a smaller circle inside of that one.  The second circle should be about ¼ inch smaller all of the way around.  Using a saw, cut out the smaller circle.  This circle will sit just inside the top of your cauldron, keeping the bulk of the smoke inside.  NOTE:  It’s better to get the circle too big at first than too small.  You can always trim some off later.

Using a small drill bit, drill three, evenly spaced, holes about ¼ inch down from the top of the cauldron.  Then, thread the fishing line around through the holes, creating a triangle for the plexiglass to rest on.  This will prevent the plexiglass from falling down into the cauldron.

Using a 1 ½ in circle cutting drill bit, cut a hole in the side of your cauldron.  This is where the fog will enter.  Make certain to line up your fog machine to get the hole at the correct height.

The Assembly

Turn your cauldron right side up and drop in the string of Christmas lights.  Try to spread them out so the lighting is even.  Stick the plug out of the hole in the side.  Then, place your plexiglass on top of the fishing line.  There should be small open edge all of the way around.  Stick the PVC tube inside of the hole with the light plug (there should be enough room) and then line up the fog machine.  Don’t expect the tube to have a “snug” fit.  Loose is fine.

The Effect

When you crank up the fog machine, the cauldron will fill with smoke, turning the Christmas lights into a frightening witch’s brew.  The fog will then “seep” out of the edges of the cauldron, and everything will be filled with an eerie glow.

The Details

The final step is to find the perfect spot to display your cauldron.  It can either be the centerpiece of the snack table at your Halloween party, or maybe it’ll be part of your larger exterior Halloween display.  Either way, be prepared for your guests to stop and stare and wonder, “How did they do that?”

Mr. Jingles

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